Renovation Contractors Calgary

Renovation Contractors Calgary

A renovation can be a great opportunity to upgrade your Calgary home and add value. Unfortunately, not everyone has the skills or budget to do it themselves safely and effectively. Instead, you need to hire a contractor – preferably one with a Calgary business license. Finding a renovation contractor in Calgary can be an intimidating process. There are so many contractors out there and they all specialize in something different. Finding the right one for your project can seem like an impossible task. You want someone who listens to what you want and is clear about their pricing without hidden costs. Luckily, with a little research, you can streamline the process and get started on your beautiful new home sooner rather than later. The best renovators balance business acumen with hands-on skill — and almost everyone has a friend who knows from personal experiences what qualities to look for when hiring someone to do this big project on your house!

Roofing Repair in Calgary

The following roofing FAQ came from PDQ Roofing, one of the top Roofing Companies in Calgary. With this report, you will be able to tell if your home is ready to hit the market or if it needs a bit more work. If the roof is an area in need of work, check out PDQ Roofing who is mentioned below. If you are looking for roofing work because you are moving out of your home or moving into one that needs work, give Navy Seal Movers a call. Lots of people think that Calgary Moving Company Costs are too expensive but this company provides high-quality service for an affordable fee. Visit their website at the link above for more information on how to book their moving services.
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  • Greco & Son are a local Calgary company who provide concrete for residential projects. Visit Concrete Contractors Calgary to see photographs of their previous jobs in creating sidewalks, patios, walls, stairs and more.
  • Cawston & Associates are highly-experienced tax consultants who provide assistance during financial situations. Visit Tax Lawyer Calgary to find their list of services and contact information for any of your tax-related needs. tax lawyer calgary cawston

Landscaping Contractors in  Calgary

landscaping contractors calgaryWith no shortage of choice among the various Calgary Landscaping Contractors, one that stood out to us is Urban Oasis Developments. Urban Oasis goes beyond the traditional landscaping role of mowing the lawn and adding a few flowers. They specialize in custom landscaping design, hardscaping, and even home renovations. Visit their website to see why they are at the top among Landscaping Contractors. While DIY landscape projects are always fun, there are many advantages to opting for Landscaping Calgary services. The first and most prominent benefit is time saving; most people have busy schedules even before adding on the responsibilities of taking proper care of a lawn and/or landscaping. Landscaping maintenance can be very time consuming which is why it is an important factor to consider when deciding to use a landscaping service. There is also a financial saving benefit, surprisingly, when you hire a landscape service you save money on expensive lawn machines, tools, seeds, fertilizer, and extra supplies that you will need to make sure your lawn is looking healthy.

Commercial Security Systems in Calgary

calgary commercial security companyAfter you finish your commercial renovation project, choose a reputable commercial security company to protect your valuable asset. Supreme Security has over 35 years of experience as a commercial security company. Whether it’s video surveillance, ULC fire protection, or remote entry systems, they should be your first choice.

2021 Calgary Construction Job Forecast

2023 may best the best time to have home renovation work completed. Why? A lot of trades people work in the oil or construction industries where there is more job security than with smaller home renovation contractors. This year will see a lot of people looking for work and a lot of new companies starting up. Labour prices may fall a little but there will be a wider range of quality in the Calgary Renovation Contractors market. Make sure when you hire a renovation contractor that they have a long track record of great work in Calgary.

The current economic downturn has impacted Albertans in many ways. At this point, there is hope to be found in municipal projects, but as long as the Oil & Gas industry is in a state of disarray, there is only so much work to be done.

This situation might lead one to ask: In a province where the economy is so closely linked to the value of oil… What can be done about the extremely low, and still falling price of the resource?

The province of Alberta has, for some time, been set up in such a way that it will be prosperous so long as the price of oil is sitting around $100 per barrel. The minimum for profit to be made has been debated lately, but typically the estimates will land between $40-55.

Right now, a barrel of oil is cheaper than KFC’s largest bucket of chicken… Fluctuating around the $40 per barrel mark.

For this piece, I wrote to an acquaintance who has worked for years as a relatively high-ranking administrator in the Oil & Gas industry, and asked if he would answer a few questions… He agreed to answer three questions, so long as his identity remained anonymous. I gave him a call. This is our brief correspondence.

Q: How do you feel about the current negativity in the political climate here in Alberta?

A: Well, I understand it. But I see a lot of misdirected anger. The impulse to get the pipelines built immediately, get everyone back to work, and continue to flood oil into a market which has become oversaturated is an understandable one, but, in the long term, is more likely to harm our economy than help it. It is easier said than done, but I keep preaching: patience, patience, and patience. We live in a province full of valuable resources. Unfortunately, the cyclical prices and values become volatile. It’s the nature of the beast.

Q: Can you share some basic insight into what exactly is happening to the Oil & Gas industry?

A: This is a complicated question. But let me attempt to simplify for anyone who is unclear as to why the price of oil has dropped the way it has. The price of oil has dropped so greatly and so suddenly, basically, because there has been a lot of it produced. The global market, with all of its combined contributors, has simply produced more oil than the world needs, or even that it can use. The surplus oil that has been produced in the Far East, meaning the oil coming out of countries such as Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Algeria, is being sold at a very low price that is affecting the global value. Even the costs that Russia can get away with selling their oil at would drastically reduce the value of oil. These countries are doing this in an effort to move there surplus, and the price point for them to profit off of their oil is considerably cheaper than what Alberta requires. Really, what it boils down to, is that a surplus of anything will consistently drive the price of said thing down… It is the law of supply & demand. For us to take drastic measures to begin producing more oil and increasing our export is the worst thing we can do for our own economy, as well as the price of oil.

Q: How do you feel the government is handling this situation?

A: Loaded question, [laughs], well… Let me see here… This is just my opinion, and it’s not necessarily a popular one. First of all, I think the choice to spend 750 million on infrastructure within our province was a good call. It will create jobs, improve many sectors within the province, and that massive investment is going, almost directly, back into the local economy. Partnering with manufacturing, it was such ideals that pulled the Western World out of the Great Depression. Streamlining the E.I process will help stabilize the personal lives of the people, and keep their lives together for as long as they require assistance. I think that this is a tough situation, obviously. Let us not forget that the Jim Prentice government predicted this downturn, which was supposedly one reason he called for an early election. Any government will warrant criticism in such difficult times, but our current legislation has made some steps in the right direction for Alberta… That’s just my opinion.

It sounds like Alberta needs is solid leadership in business and politics, creative problem solving in industry, and widespread resilience. Luckily, these values have been upheld by Albertans for many generations.

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