Hydrovac Services on Calgary Construction Sites

Some renovation work in Calgary requires shallow excavation including locates for utilities. When doing shallow excavations it is a good idea to have a hydrovac company do the work. A Calgary hydrovac company that we have worked with is Jet Hydrovac.

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The conventional type of excavation is with the use of manual tools, backhoes, and excavators. This methodology also paved way for a lot of accidents to happen. Also, errors and utility damage were prevalent.

There are almost half a million excavation accidents were recorded in North America. This is why opting for a safer alternative such as the vacuum excavation technique is a great idea. It is both non-mechanical and non-destroying. In this manner, we can opt-in using either air or water.

The Hydro-excavation

It uses a tremendous amount of pressure to soften the soil. This will be the way to make a hole in the soil. Afterward, those will be suctioned and place on a tank then afterward situate on a particular dump area.

This innovation adds ease and precision to excavation tasks. It reduces labor, backfill, and environmental hazards. This type of methodology originated in Canada. This is because of the relatively humid climate that it has.

The use of hot water helps the soil melt. This is why hydro excavation is well-loved by Canadian traders, particularly in oil and construction.

The Meaning of Hydrovac

It is a machine that utilizes tremendous pressure to melt the soil. The thing has an integrated vacuum system to take away the soil after melting. There is a space on the truck where the soil will be placed. It also makes the process of excavation more organized.


The introduction of hydrovac technology will allow specific industries to be more efficient that is prevalent nowadays in Calgary. Also, it will make things safer for the operators of those companies while fulfilling their duties. This is proof that excavation has really evolved to the next level and will continue to evolve soon.