Calgary Roofing Company

Hiring the Right Contractor

New roof construction is a massive investment and should be done with the professionalism it deserves.  Roofs should only be installed by qualified staff to avoid leaks and other issues that occur when they are poorly or wrongly installed. Canada boasts about having a large number of roof specialists who will work with you all the way to ensure that you get your money’s worth. This is because a good roof will protect your house and your family from the harsh weather conditions. Your new roof should have a long lifespan when properly installed to serve you and your family for years to come.

When seeking a roof contractor, sound advice would be to get in touch with the CRCA – The Canadian Roofing Contractors Association. They understand contractors and what is required of them in the general Canadian market. A roof contractor must have a license, insurance, if possible a list of references of past jobs, and a warranty period. It is also important that once the contract has been awarded, a proposal must be provided by the contractor. You might be wondering why a proposal is necessary. It is important to put all requirements into perspective.

The proposal will give details of the required items, the duration of the job and most of all – the overall costs.  This will save you the unnecessary expense of piecemeal purchasing. You will also have the chance to discuss with the contractor in great detail. New roof construction requires that a contractor must inspect the property before giving a free estimate.  Before installing a new roof, it is important to find out the available options in the market. This will also depend on the construction in question. They will advise on the best roofing options for your construction.

A proper roof should be strong enough to withstand great weather conditions. A new roof will cost anywhere from $6,800 – $12,000, or a little higher depending on the style and make of your roofing design.