The Benefits of Home Renovation

Our homes are usually the witnesses of our childhood. As much as possible we would want to preserve them for the next generations to see.

The primary reasons are mostly age and harsh weather conditions. Although those things are unpreventable, it does not mean that we can’t do anything about them.

Over time, the effects of it will manifest through different damages on your home. Having said so, home renovation plays an important role in preserving your beloved shelter.

However, many homeowners are reluctant in renovating their homes because of many reasons. Some of them is the fear of going out of budget and the tremendous amount of time that it would take to finish.

The Benefits

By knowing that, you might get discouraged already to restore your old home. However, you are only looking at one side of the story.

Once you get aware of the benefits, you’ll think that home renovation is worth it. To prove that, here are the benefits that you will get from home renovation.

Cost-saving benefits

Believe it or not, home renovation can indeed save you a lot of money somehow. This is if the home renovation is done at the right time. Since you will renovate your home, you can prevent it from acquiring further damage. As a result, the portions of the house that needs fixing will be minimal.

For beautifying your home

A home that has minimal to no flaws is so desirable to look at. You can only achieve this if you will put your attention on what needs to be fixed and improved.

Stress-free view

The ambiance that a wonderful home can give is priceless. It will not only impress you but your guests as well. This will surely lessen your stress hormones and give you a better mood.

Increases value

Last but not least is that home renovation makes the value of your home higher. Physical appearance and quality are crucial in the appraisal of real estate. So if you have plans of preventing the value deterioration of your home then never hesitate to restore it to its full glory.


You might need to spend some resources on home renovation but it is very worth it. The benefits will always outweigh everything.

Just make sure that you are getting the services of real professionals. They will help you out from the first to the last stages of beautifying your beloved home.

How to do home renovation the right way

Our homes are considered as our shelter. It is our refuge from the dangerous world outside. This is where we gather our family members to eat, have quality time, do tasks, and rest.

However, because of the usual wear and tear due to the weather and its natural aging process, our homes deteriorate. This is the saddest part when you see your investment rotting out.

What to do?

The best thing that you can do to preserve your home is by renovation. It is a project wherein you try to restore your home to its former glory.

There are different ways to do a renovation. You can either choose to reinvent it or to preserve its old look it. The good thing about home renovation is that it can be budget-friendly at times.

You can decide to do it all at once or partially if you do not have a budget. Some people would want to put their personal touch on the renovation. So they decided to just do most of the renovations on their own.

However, problems may arise if you do not have sufficient knowledge. So it is advisable if you seek professional help for a more desirable finish.

Things to Remember

Once you already got a professional to help you with your home renovation project, there are things you should remember.

The whole plan must be sculpted beforehand in your mind. In this way, once you already hired a professional, you know what to say. You must know what you want for your home, will you go for a purist or modern renovation?

Afterward, the professionals will give their insights on your plans. The next thing is you’ll all agree to a common goal on how to approach the project.

The combination of expertise and your visions will make your home renovation a success. So it is great if you do not rely solely on your own as more ideas matter.


The process of home renovation might be easy to do. However, if you will dig deeper into it, there are lots of processes to accomplish.

From the planning up to execution, everything must go smoothly. This will only be made possible if you have an expert with you.

If you want to save your time and probably resources from redoing things, doing it right the first time is the solution.


Elevators and Lifts in Your Home

Best Qualities to Look For in a Home Elevator

Your Calgary home could increase in value and become more desirable if you put it in an elevator. This is why elevators are getting more popular day by day

Calgary home lift and elevator service company
Calgary Home Lift Services.

It becomes more accessible even to ordinary homeowners. It provides a lot of convenience and elegance. People with disabilities and the elderly ones will be able to move easily whenever they want to.

The usual stairs will not be obsolete though but their usage will be minimized already. Stairs will just be used if you want to have some physical activities going.

Modern multi-level homes are putting this mostly for mobility and privacy. The freedom of access that it gives is extraordinary. The combination of accessibility and style is the usual characteristic that you can see on home elevators.

If you are looking for a home elevator service company in Calgary, check out Ascension Elevators.

Installing the Home Elevator

Home elevators are amazing to look at and the function is superb. Not only that, the process of planning and installation of a home elevator is exciting.

You can see the meticulous process of how a home elevator is placed. Finding the right elevator, where it will be placed, and the installation proper is what you’ll expect.

The installer must be knowledgeable enough to ensure that the elevator will be installed properly. But what are the usual qualities that you should look for in a home elevator? We will now discuss it in the following subchapter.

The Qualities


It is a great factor if the elevator is open for customizations. In that way, you can put your personal touch on the elevator. As a result, the design of the elevator will blend well with your home’s interior.

So aside from the quality and features, be sure to check the design as well. Having an elevator that can be customized is an added benefit that you should not take for granted.


The elevator must be spacious on the inside and not bulky on the outside. This will make the installation easier and faster at the same time cost-friendly. The fact that the elevator is not bulky, will not consume that much space on your property.

Safety Features

You do not want injuries to happen inside your home because of your elevator. So it would be great if the elevator is full of safety features.

Check the elevator before buying. Are the features will provide safety to you and your family? You can check the elevator’s brochure for the specifications.

Manufacturer warranty and maintenance plans

When buying a home elevator, don’t forget to check if there is a warranty. This will protect you in case you noticed some problems with the elevator.

Aside from that, there must be a solid maintenance plan that is provided by the elevator company. This will keep your elevator in good working condition at all times.


Elevators are truly a gift. It makes life easier. However, it is always best if you will have the elevators that are the best of both worlds. So always remember to check the qualities first before opting to buy one.


Church Renovations and Bible Study School Renovations

Church Renovations and Bible Study School Renovations

dispensationalism bible study church renovation
Dispensationalism bible study church renovation.

Many churches in Canada and the USA were built over 50 years ago. As a result, many are in need of renovation work. It doesn’t matter which church or what is being taught, many building are old and in need of fixing up.

Within these churches, the Word of God is bight taught. Some people do interpret the bible literally. This is why there is an unending debate regarding it. Those people have an ideology of dispensationalism.

Grace Bible Community Church located at: 705 North Mountain Rd. ,  Newington, CT, 06111, Tel:860-869-0961 is one such church.

They take it word for word even if there is a deeper meaning behind them.  There might be two reasons for this.

  • From a philosophical perspective, some people believe that the interpretation of something depends on the meaning of the words. Most especially in the bible, they have the notion that the language given to us by God must be used accordingly to what it is meant.
  • The next reason is biblical. If you will notice, every prophecy that talks about Jesus Christ in the Old Testament happened exactly what is written word for word. Some of the best examples of it are the following:
  • The birth of Jesus
  • Ministry
  • Death
  • Resurrection

This is the proof that dispensationalism really works that is why many have that kind of thinking. The belief is that there are two different peoples of God namely the Church and Israel.

Also, they take a stand that salvation can only be attained by means of sole faith. They believe that what God has promised in Israel back then were not passed on to the current Church.

Dispensationalists grasp the Bible according to the following seven dispensations:

  • Innocence
  • Conscience
  • Human government
  • Promise
  • Law
  • Grace
  • Millennial kingdom


We have proven that dispensationalism is a kind of theological ideology that promotes the literal interpretation of the scriptures. Also, they emphasize the distinction between the Church and Israel and arranges the Bible into various dispensations.

We have also highlighted the fact than many churches are in need of renovation work.

Custom Table Project

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year to all our esteemed clients and visitors of this blog. We are proud to announce that our 5-star rating blog is full of ambition, renovation projects, and success! We have been very busy. However, it will not make us stop what we love doing!

Since the last talk and the end of the bottom of the grand staircase, I started a table project. After creating a model in Sketch Up, I went to buy oak timber directly from a sawmill. I started by edging the pads to remove the sapwood and defects, and to select my pieces. Nico (workmate) thank you for the help! Hours later, the necessary boards were ready to move on the jointer.

Fast forward, Nico and I then planed 4 feet poles to move from one section of 12 x 12 cm (gross) 10 x 10 cm (planed). I had then aligned to cut the same length. The four legs are ending, Melanie came as reinforcements to help me planning the boards. Having no chip vacuum, we laid a carpet workshop in the wood. Then I invested in a brilliant – but very expensive tool, a Festool Domino. This creates the false stand with impressive precision. That looks like the beast.

And here was the first try that helped assemble the feet by 2:

After a sound collage we noticed a slight difference between the sleepers and poles. This corresponded to the thickness of the plate since the table legs were to be apparent above.

After that, each board was grooved to the router, and a 10mm plywood tab inserted into each junction, along the entire length. Oak reinforcements were screwed from below to improve the stability of the assembly. Romaine came to help me to glue it all, thanks to him! The next day, after the glue had dried, I sawed the board and had inserted in the previously created structure. The wood wedding tray ended, and I liked immediately! I then cut the last missing pieces and assembled the same way.

Finally, after many hours of sanding, spackling a few knots, treatment with xylophene then three coats of matt clearcoat, we placed the table in the house. On a serious note, I was very proud of the result. My first table, 2m 20 x 1m 05, solid oak was eventually complete.

A project that I liked, despite the thirty hours it consumed. The table remained until Christmas to Mr. Cordova, and then she went to her new owner in Regina. This job was labour intensive so I was very happy that I invested in a professional planer-jointer. I decided to sell my Lurem C200 (jointer-planer only). The table was a reflection of what it can achieve. If anyone is interested, kindly pull the trigger and let me know!

After this mega project, we tackled the living room. Melanie took care of painting. Several years ago we lived with the underlay of gypsum board, which frankly was not the most beautiful effect. A gray “dove”, very soft, had covered the entire room. The interior integrated living room furniture assumed a darker gray color…we had to do something and bring life back to the weird place!